Have you looked around your space lately? Spaces are a great reflection of us. A perceptive person can take one look at a room and tell you all about its owner. Good and bad.

Every now and then we need to de-clutter. If you are busy like me then your space tends to get crowded by hobbies, job tasks, and everyday life. A busy week can result in my space looking as if a small tornado came and went lol.

I try to keep up as much as possible and do a pretty good job. But I realize that every now and then I will need to do an overhaul of my room and spaces.

Here’s how.

My physical spaces

  1. I change the scenery. Have you ever noticed how satisfied we are when we rearrange some furniture? Such a minor task can cause great results. I like to switch my space around during seasonal transitions. But I will also do this more often if I have to work from home.

  2. Add something or take something away. Nine times out of ten you have something in your space that doesn’t belong. I am the type to not open my mail until the end of the week. So I had to add a space for my mail. A mount allowed me to keep a pretty aesthetic while clearing space I often will add small details to my room as a way to be more efficient (a small trash could have done the same thing lol). Taking away something is also good. I realized that I do not need a thousand books in my room. This meant giving some away. And returning some back to the library. (Whew!).

My mental spaces

Your internal space needs to be healthy. It is just as important as your physical space and often a direct factor on how your physical space will look. When we are in the zone or mentally tied up the last thing on our minds is vacuuming.

  1. Buy a whiteboard. Having a place to write down ideas or future tasks is plenty helpful. For me it’s a great way to clear up some mental space. I write down something I need to do or buy and that way it’s not hounding me. I typically will place sticky notes on my bathroom mirror because it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I look at before bed lol.

  2. Yoga Mat or Meditation. Do you ever just need five minutes? Five minutes of peace can clear you out. When I come home the first thing I do is sit. I sit because my work day tends to run into home life and if I’m not careful I will still be at work mentally. Running on autopilot. So I switch gears. I go into my kitchen and just sit for a second or two. Then I make tea or shower and workout. That small window of mediation allows for me to prepare for meetings or whatever else I got going on. The trick is to new when to get up. Sometimes my five minutes turns to fifteen. If that happens to you then don’t beat yourself like I used to do. But acknowledge why you feel so sluggish. Hey you may need to put some tasks to the side and just get some rest and that’s okay!

I know a lot of us, including myself got a lot of things going on. We have hobbies, schoolwork, job, and a social life. Our space tends to be our oasis. It is up to us keep fertilizing what is our sanctuary. Water yourself and drink your water. (And get rid of those water bottles) lol.


The title of this post comes from a question I ask myself at least once a month. I think it is important to do self-check ins. The happiness we crave does not have a measurement. No matter how much I progress in life that does not necessarily mean I am happier than I was yesterday.

Money, power, success.

I constantly have to remind myself that these things are a reflection of my happiness but not a factor of what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is my faith in God, quality time with friends and family and shopping ( okay I have some vices lol) and following my passions.

I think that it’s a good idea to know what makes you happy and use it to push yourself forward. I am much more productive when I am happy! What I have been doing is making every day a happy day. By knowing what makes me happy I am able to control or at least enjoy 99% of my day. This might seems impossible but last week I took care and pushed forward.

I made sure to journal, thanking God for everything HE provides.

I danced for an hour a day to some of my favorite songs.

I called my momma, talked to my best friends, checked in with those who really matter.

I shopped lol ( only online and in my head cause your girl is on a budget).

This helped me improve my week tremendously.

Happiness is not quantitative.

Do what makes you happy. Because happiness is not elusive it's abundant and available. Instead of self care Sundays and Saturdays make each day a day of joy and happiness. Going to the spa is just a cherry. Your life is a sundae, not a someday. Be happy now. Turn on the music; call and check in with the people that you need to; especially yourself.

I know! I know! We all want to read more if only we had the time!

Great news! It’s not more time that you need but a plan!

If you want to read more books here’s how-to!

Tip 1: Start picking shorter books

Shorter books are easier to consume so if you’re short on time try reading books with fewer pages.

Tip 2: Pick books you actually enjoy

The books I read as a child no longer hold the same spark. When I tried to pick up a romance book I promptly put said book back down. As I have matured so has my taste. A quick self-assessment will help you make better choices. Bonus: not sure what is out there? Ask your friends to recommend a book or go online. Bonus bonus lol: find new authors. if you are like me you can run up the tab when it comes to a favorite author or writer. Try finding an author that is similar to them; it's like having your favorite candy at a new store.

Tip 3: Join a bookclub

Bookclubs are great. When I joined one, the book club did three things for me: It allowed for a great discussion, it helped me network, and I became more accountable.

Tip 4: Buy fewer books

Books are great to have but can be expensive. Lol. There has been plenty of ways to enjoy reading without having to break the bank. When was the last time you visited the library?? Most libraries are up to date with the newest books and have special online services that allow you to check out books online via an app.

Tip 5: Kindles, Nooks, and More

Reading has never been easier than now! You can download a book from your phone using kindle or a free pdf online. Your local library will allow you to borrow ebooks as well ( see tip 4)!

Step 6: Cheat !

Reading books is great but if you are really short on time you should give audiobooks a try! You can purchase audiobooks the same way you buy regular and listen whenever you have time. Also, read more articles. I make the effort to read three articles a day. Read about things that interest you; world news, fashion or food, money, and stocks.

Step 7: Read before work or before bed

Reading before work is just one way to get it over with. I recommend picking something either very interesting or motivational to kick-off your morning end your night

Bonus Tip! Make sure to visualize yourself reading a book! This is so important because as adults we lose interest in reading books because everyone is working!! Lol. As it is one of the four basic skills in communication it is important that you visualize yourself reading and then do it!