6 Tips to a Successful Event

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

By Marta La'shawn

Planning an event can be super easy and fun if you let it.

A lot o the time people shy away from things because they think it will be stressful or fear that they can not do it well enough. Well, I am here to let you know that you can do it and to give you a few tips on how to do so and do so properly. I have always been into organization and planning, so much so that I still use paper planners. My family and friends have come to learn this about me and so began my journey of helping to plan different events and parties over the past couple of years. So if you have ever thought about planning something whether it be a birthday party, baby shower, or even a wedding, here are 6 tips that I believe will make any event successful.

Give Yourself Enough Time

This one is a key component of any event and why it is my number one tip. Last-minute events can be put on and be done successfully however it is always better to give yourself enough time. When you give yourself the time you automatically put yourself ahead of the game. Having time on your side off the bat knocks down your stress levels because you don't feel like you have to rush. Which in turn means less room for error and oversights, and more room for being able to map things out and give yourself a schedule for when you want to have a certain task completed.

Know Your Budget

One of, if not the main thing people think about when putting together an event is the cost. It can be overwhelming to think about the cost of planning an event or party but it doesn't have to be, as long as you set a budget and stick to it. Knowing your budget is super important and can cause an event to be hit or miss. When you first start to plan your event you should always come up with a budget before you do anything else. Having a number for what you want to spend on the entire event is always good, but it is even better to break that down into categories if possible (i.e: having a set amount for the venue, food, decor, invitations, party favors, etc).

Don't be Afraid to be Frugal

This tip ties into knowing your budget. Sometimes people get caught up in trying to live like the Jones or put on a show for "the gram". When there is no need to, you can live within your means and be frugal when putting together your event and it can still look dope. Keep in mind I when I say frugal I don't mean cheap. When people hear the word cheap majority of the time they think ghetto or poor quality. However, you can be frugal in a plethora of ways. For instance, instead of spending a ton of money on decorations or table decor if you are crafty you can jump right onto Pinterest and Youtube and gather some ideas and inspiration on how to create your own, which can save a ton of money and still look great.

Do Your Research

When I say do your research I mean a few things. Knowing your attendees, contracts, and location routes/transportation are some things just to name a few.

Knowing your attendees:

Having age-appropriate things

Knowing food allergies

Knowing accessibility needs

Knowing your contracts.

READ READ READ, your contracts in its entirety.

If you are using a venue know what is and is not allowed.

Know what is covered in your agreed price and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about something. Never assume anything, and always ask if you do not see it within your contract.

Do not agree to verbal contracts and always have everything written down or recorded in some form.

Know your location routes/transportation.

Everyone is not good with directions if your event is not at a well known or noticeable location be sure to include some directions or route tips on the best way to get there.

If there is alcohol being served at the event also remind your guess of local transportation options or to have a designated driver. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Find and Use Small Businesses

This is one of my favorite tips because people tend to forget about it. When doing any events I like to reach out to small businesses to do any work I may need because a lot of the time you get more bang for your buck. Sure you could run to your local grocery store bakery for a cake or cupcakes to be made but you could also reach out to a local small business to do so and I find that the quality and love put into the item is usually 100 times better. You are also helping someone else grow their business with your support.

Have a Backup Plan

I can not stress this one enough but always have a backup plan if you can. At the end of the day, we are all human, mistakes happen, things go missing, and plans change because of things out of our control. Having backup plans or ideas if things go wrong is just another way to cover your bases and keep stress levels low. A few things to keep in mind:

If your event outside has a backup indoor location or tent for rain and/or weather changes

Always have extra: whether it be food, party favors, decorations or whatever. It is better to be over-prepared than under.

If there are multiple people involved in putting the event together and everyone has a delegated task be sure to have a backup person be able to complete the task in case something happens to the main person assigned to that task.

Bonus Tip: Remember to have fun. Life is too short not to

Marta La'Shawn is a Pennsylvania native living in New York. She is known for planning unique and distinguished events. The only thing as strong as her faith is her love for DC superhero Batman aka Bruce Wayne.

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