Are you happy Bri?

The title of this post comes from a question I ask myself at least once a month. I think it is important to do self-check ins. The happiness we crave does not have a measurement. No matter how much I progress in life that does not necessarily mean I am happier than I was yesterday.

Money, power, success.

I constantly have to remind myself that these things are a reflection of my happiness but not a factor of what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is my faith in God, quality time with friends and family and shopping ( okay I have some vices lol) and following my passions.

I think that it’s a good idea to know what makes you happy and use it to push yourself forward. I am much more productive when I am happy! What I have been doing is making every day a happy day. By knowing what makes me happy I am able to control or at least enjoy 99% of my day. This might seems impossible but last week I took care and pushed forward.

I made sure to journal, thanking God for everything HE provides.

I danced for an hour a day to some of my favorite songs.

I called my momma, talked to my best friends, checked in with those who really matter.

I shopped lol ( only online and in my head cause your girl is on a budget).

This helped me improve my week tremendously.

Happiness is not quantitative.

Do what makes you happy. Because happiness is not elusive it's abundant and available. Instead of self care Sundays and Saturdays make each day a day of joy and happiness. Going to the spa is just a cherry. Your life is a sundae, not a someday. Be happy now. Turn on the music; call and check in with the people that you need to; especially yourself.

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