Creatives: What to do when you hit a dead end

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Dear Creatives,

Hitting a dead end is trying... frustrating…and normal.

We all go through it. It is a natural part of the process. In some ways it’s a blessing because as creatives, we can drive ourselves into a wall. Call this phenomenon what you want; a roadblock, a hump; or a dead end. The result is the same.


This is probably not want you want to hear but this is what you neeed to do! +

Helpful activities for someone who has hit a dead end

  • Create a timeline – that way you can confirm how far you have come

  • Plan a new path – dead ends should bring out your number 2 or plan b

  • Reinforce Revisit and Reinvest- this is the time to remember what you are doing it for. Statements like, “I started this because I wanted to do xyz” will clear your blurry vision. Reinforce Revisit and Reinvest. So when you reinforced and revisited you plan of action just remember like any good opportunity you will need to reinvest. Reinvestment may come in the form of better energy, or new research.

  • Hold tight- a dead end is part of construction. If you sit and wait, sometimes that dead end becomes a road to you a new path but you have to be patient. Highways are not built overnight.

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