How I started my vegan journey

Updated: May 7, 2020

On March 17th, 2018 I popped my vegan cherry. Going vegan was something I thought about for a while. Watching the news will do that to you. The more you educate yourself on the food industry the less appealing meat and dairy become. So I went cold turkey (pun intended).


Looking back, turning towards a vegan lifestyle was not only inevitable but quite shocking. As a child and young adult, I made eating a sport. I would try and find the best places for chicken wings, cheeseburgers, and Chinese. Food has always been my love language. But things happened; I became bored and I became an adult.


as I said before the more you know about the food industry the less appealing meat and dairy become.

Like most people, I started by focusing on fish. Any fitness newbie has gone through the stages of tilapia and salmon. For a good period of time, I lived a pescatarian lifestyle. It wasn’t terrible. It was fulfilling either. For me, this diet was limiting and I eventually ended up adding chicken and beef back to diet.



then along came ..

my cousin Chimere. A newly vegan she was constantly talking about the wonders of veganism. She talked about having more energy and feeling less tired. As someone who doesn’t suffer from a lack of energy, I couldn’t have cared less. Then she talked about the weight loss and feeling less bloated. As someone with a high metabolism.I couldn’t care less. After some months of her being vegan, she convinced me with clear skin and a phone conversation. It was an hour-long convo on the effects that meat and dairy have on Black people and our environment that finally did it. Growing up in a Black household high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes seemed normal to me. Black people are dying at alarming rates from health-related issues. Many of these health problems could be avoided with a change in diet. See
Becoming vegan wasn’t the best decision I made but one of the most important ones. Since being vegan my skin has become clearer and I haven’t had a cold in two years. I also feel better overall. I still maintain flavor in my food which is very important to me (and you).


Look out for my next post: Tips to being vegan

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