How to Create a Podcast

Podcasting is a great way to share tips, ideas, and opinions. Creating a podcast is easy when you follow my steps.

Find your niche A podcast is a great platform to share Knowledgeable content. Your listeners are expecting expert advice from you. Son Ask yourself, “ What am I good at? “ What do people come to me for? “ And “ what can I talk about for hours?”

I suggest writing your answers down as a reference point for later down the line. When you look at your notes you should have a pretty good idea of what your podcast will consist of.

Your podcast may fall into one of these Common categories

True crime Comedy Fiction History Business Society and culture Kids and family TV and movies Religion and spirituality

Your podcast might dibble and dabble in one or more categories. That’s OK! But understand that your listeners are coming to you for A particular subject so it’s important to stay on brand.

Download an app or get in the studio

I am lucky enough to get into a studio to record my podcast episodes. I found a studio that is reasonably priced in my local area that also provides additional services like editing and music. For me, this is the best option. However, I believe certain apps are highly valuable for recording your podcast. Anchor is a great app to Record episodes. It’s free and provides you with features like adding music and conference calls for recording interviews. Anchor is user-friendly and that’s why I recommend it. However, like any app it has its own terms of the agreement. Be sure to read through it thoroughly to understand the rights you have when using their property.

FYI some people use microphones with their MacBook to record episodes. should you see yourself recording in this way I suggest doing your research on microphones to find A reasonably priced one that doesn’t skip on quality.

Obtain a hosting website

This step is very important for sharing your content. Why? Because A hosting website allows for you to share your podcast on platforms such as Apple podcast and Spotify. Shop around to see which one fits your budget but I suggest going with Buzz Sprout. It is very user-friendly And should you pay for the additional features it makes uploading your episodes two major platforms a breeze! once I record an episode I have to save it to a hosting website to upload the episode to my Apple podcast and Spotify. Heads up! In order to upload your Podcasts to Apple, you must have an Apple account! this step may not seem as important as recording the episode nor as fun but it is major.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

If you’re creating a podcast it’s because you have a desire to provide valuable content for others. I think that’s admirable! Make sure to put yourself out there so that others may get the chance to hear all the wonderful content that you have. Create a page that allows your audience to interact with you. I’m a fan of all social media platforms and believe that you should have a put in every market. I’ll create a Facebook page, create an Instagram accounts and a Twitter account that is an extension of your podcast. Make sure to stay engaged with your audience On these platforms. You can also create an email specifically for the podcast that allows listeners to send and commentary.

Podcasting is a lot of hard work! But it is also a lot of fun and can be very rewarding.

With our latest post, you will be a podcasting Machine! Just make sure to bookmark this page. You can also support us by liking, commenting and sharing!

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