How To Finesse Your Way To A Healthier You

The first week of January is around the corner. we all have our New Year’s resolution. mine is to get in better shape and stay in shape! and who better to take advice from then our favorite rappers. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you can learn a thing or two from our favorite rappers and the most popular genre.

Their attitudes and lyrics provide a dope blueprint to succeeding in obtaining our body and health goals. Summer vacations are right around the corner and it's not too late to get into formation!

Here are tips I am using to reach my get-fit goals.

Treat Free Food Like A West Coast Vs East Coast Beef

Working with people who aren't on a lifestyle change is hard. So, when they come around offering cakes and all those pastries and sweets, you gotta be like Tupac in "Hit Em Up."

This is the only way. Trust me. Your coworkers don't care about you trying to lose those 15 lbs pounds for your trip to Miami. They – whether you know it or not – will sabotage you because, to them, your goals are not as important as having a food buddy at work. You gotta have a gangsta attitude when they come through with that free lunch, otherwise, you'll end up making bad choices at home too.

Speaking of home, watch your back and your front. Friends and family will be the first one to discourage you from eating right just because they want you to go half on a pizza. Remember what the late great Biggie said, "Your moms'll set that ass up, properly gassed up/Hoodied and masked up."

Stay Strapped With Healthy Snacks

Just like he alluded in the track "Put On," you need to keep that mf thang on ya, and "don't get caught without one." What is "that thang"? Snacks, sis.

Personally, I have sabotaged my health goals because I was hungry and grabbed the closest thing to me, which was my phone to order Chinese or cash on hand to hit up the vending machine at work. As you can imagine, neither option helped with my goals to be fit. So, wherever you are, you gotta stay strapped. Yogurt, a piece of fruit, or any other healthy snacks that you like paired with plenty of water will have you looking right in no time.

Look The Part

When you look good, you feel good. There is no better way to stay motivated towards your fitness goals than having what you need. Coming through to your workout well-equipped with the shoes, the sweats, the bag, and the weights not only make it easier to work out, but it also lets people know you did not come to play. You have to dress for the job (read: body) you want.

Buy you some new Nikes or Ivy Park sis, you deserve it.

Find You A Plug

Everyone needs a connect. I go to YouTube for fitness videos that I can do at home or at the gym. A lot of reputable personal trainers have YouTube channels and often share fitness tips. Or, if you have the money, hire a personal trainer. You can follow someone like Massy Arias or former Baltimore Ravens player, Curtis Williams to make it easier to keep up with your goals. They become your online buddies or inspiration.

Bonus Tip: Don't be Plies and runoff on the plug. You're only hurting

Food Prep Like Hefe

" Kid that used to pitch bricks can't be pigeonholed. I cooked up more chicken when the kitchen closed." - Jay Z, "Family Feud"

Meal prepping is important. A lot of us are busy with a 9-5, kids, schools, and trying to make time for the gym. So close the kitchen. If you cook your meals for the week in a day, you'll be less likely to get caught up ordering takeout. As soon as you wake up, you can eat or pack your lunch for work and when you come home you don't have to worry about dinner.

Abs are made in the kitchen. But no one wants to spend all their time there.

Always Listen to Kanye

It's important to know your limitations. As Kanye infamously said, "You gotta crawl before you ball."

Don't start off trying to do a 10k when you should start off a 5. Personally, I haven't made it to the gym yet. Instead, I'm working out from home watching BoDiBiDAY videos. The plan is to build endurance, so you have to have patience with yourself. This choice for a better, healthier lifestyle is going to be paved with obstacles. It's imperative to be prepared to take baby steps. Each milestone will get you closer to your goal. I'll make it to the gym eventually, but for right now my yoga mat and weights from Walmart are just fine.

Secure The Bag

It is important for you to secure your bag. The only way you're going to lose or gain that 15 lbs are with actions. This means you must make time to work out before going to bed or leaving for work. You can't expect results without hard work. So, make sure you're doing whatever you can to secure your bag. Schedule time for the gym or home workouts. No excuses, no days off. If you want to wear that new fit or flex, then you have to stay down to you come up.

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