How to Self Publish Your Book

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Publishing your book yourself is a great way to cut out the middle man. When you self publish you get to keep most of the profits. However it means that you also take most of the risk.

1. Proof read/Edit/Format/Copyright/ Headshot

Imagine purchasing a book that is riddled with errors. You need an editor to go over your manuscript. Find an editor online and copyrighter (the first couple of pages that everyone skips) for a small fee to read over your work. It takes at least a month for someone to edit so give the allowable time. Don‘t try to get friend or family member. Hire professionals. There are also DIY sites that literally give you the blueprint into self publishing. You’ll find the option to edit your book, chose the book size, binding, and more!

Links to editor

Links to DIY sites

2. Get you a good cover!

Your book needs to have a cover that catches the attention of possible readers! So pick something that catches the eye. It also needs to be relative to what your book is about. If you’re writing a book about how great dogs are then your cover shouldn’t have a picture of a cat! Also if your book requires illustrations like a children’s book it is best to go with a good illustrator.

I suggest Google or Twitter!

3. Print or EBook

If you are self publishing it is best to make it an eBook. It’s cheaper and easier to sell. If you’re as old fashion as I am then you will want your book in print as well.


An ISBN is the international standard book number (the barcode on the back of your book). It identifies YOUR book and you need it. Now if you publish and sell your eBook on Amazon then you don’t need one. I think you should have one. If you want to sell a print book than I highly suggest purchasing an ISBN. Or have your book sold in bookstores. You can get a free ISBN but they usually come with restrictions. When you work with another company you end up with multiple ISBN which can be tricky when trying to get your book in a store. (It's like having multiple brands on one shirt or shoe).

I suggest buying your own. ISBNs that are bought in bulk are cheaper. 1 cost $125.00 and 10 cost $295.00


5.Set Your Price and Royalties

Price- Only you know your price. If you think your worth $100.00 per book. Go ahead. It’s quality over quantity every time. Just be careful that you are setting a reasonable and realistic goal. If you only sell one book that would suck!

Royalties- this is how you make your money!!! Royalties are usually around 60% (the higher your percentage the more you’ll get paid when your book sells.

6. Marketing

If you are self publishing then you also have to know how to self market! You have to know how to brand yourself. Don’t sell a book about cats at a dog show. Have the following or try to gain it. Promote yourself on social media. Connect to your favorite indie bookstores. Know how to network. If you are selling online know that you will be the one mailing out your book (hello stamps!) Set up a website. And check Amazon which is where it’s most common to sell your book.

~ a book is like a baby, you have to put the time, love, and funds into it!

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