What apps you should be using to save money

I love making money. In the right conditions, what you earn is an exact reflection of how hard you worked. However, saving money can be difficult. There are five apps that I use on my phone that promote savings.

1. Mint is that girl. What I love about the Mint App is that allows me to see everything in place! I like that I can see my credit score, my bank accounts, and upcoming bills. Mint also tracks your spending and a feature that allows you to create your budgets.

2. Acorn is an investment app. When you shop, Acorn takes the change to the nearest dollar and transfer it to a stock portfolio. You get to decide how aggressive you want your portfolio to be and how long you want to invest.

3. Your bank app. It sounds silly to say but too many of us overlook our bank app when it comes to saving. Honestly, most of us should be setting up regular transfers from our checking to our savings. So whether that's weekly, biweekly or monthly, setting up regular transfers takes away the headache of you having to do it manually.

4. Digit is an app that helps save money for a particular goal. You create the goal or chose from one of the default ones- rainy day, student loans, credit card debt. Then you tell Digit the timeframe for the goal and it will transfer money from your account into your Digit account based on what you can afford. Digit is the only app from this list that charges use for using it. (2.99 a month after the first 100 days).

5. Turbo is much like the Mint app, which is an all in one app. Here you can see your credit score, debt, and debt to income ratio. What's also nice about the Turbo app is that it gives you the option to create a goal - like saving for a new car and helps track the progress. I am more partial to an app like Turbo and Mint because they allow you to maximize your time.