Why I joined No Black Girl Left Behind

I think at some point we all feel a need for more. We then seek reflections of ourselves in others. This is where a tribe comes in. Your tribe is individuals that provide support, understanding, and motivation.  I found these traits with the No Black Girl Left Behind (NBGLB) organization. 

What is NBGLB ?  No Black Girl Left Behind was started with the intent of providing safe spaces for Black women to engage in challenging but uplifting work. 

Since joining NBGLB I have had the opportunity to network with Black women who have helped advanced my goals and connect with women who work in vastly different fields, providing insight and advice that I am sure will be helpful later down the road.

We do not simply connect but improve the wealth of each other lives as well as help our community. Together we have given back to our community with food drives, school supplies and backpack donations and much more.

For more details on the NBGLB organization click here

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