Why now is the time to change your wardrobe!

Why now is the time to change your wardrobe!

I hear this all the time “ I want to dress different. I want to start wearing clothes that I actually like” for years, I’ve said this. And I’ve also heard it said by Family and friends! So I decided to write this blog post! These steps will help to elevate you wardrobe

First thing first!

Evaluate yourself....and your wardrobe Now is the time to really figure out who you are and where you see yourself going. My wardrobe this year was a better reflection of me then passed years. I had to take time to really study myself. Of course, I followed some trends. However I only dabbled in the trends that I liked. I didn’t try to copy anyone else’s style instead only purchasing items that really spoke to who I am.

Pro tip: have fun with your wardrobe. Be bold. Be daring. Step outside of that box that you may have put yourself in for whatever reason. Fashion is as diverse as we are. You should be able to incorporate your style into everything your wear. Gym clothes aren't just gym clothes. A sweater isn't just a sweater. Let your wardrobe reflect the person that you are on the inside. Up until recently I had an issue with pink and the ideal of being girly. However after doing some self reflecting I came to terms with my fear and pushed past it! Now its my favorite color! If you want an authentic reflection of yourself you must be willing to take stock of who you are, what you want to represent and where are you see yourself going. I bought myself a suit before I had any place to go. And now that new suit has been worn at fancy parties as well as to a well sought after job interview ( hired!)

Transitioning Do not throw out your entire closet right away. Life is all about transitioning. So when changing my wardrobe I make sure that I keep staple pieces. Jeans. Cute tees. Shoes I never threw out any of my shoes because you can wear them for a bunch of different occasions!!! From volunteering to business meetings. With that said your wardrobe needs to span your life. Make sure you purchase clothing that will help advanced your lifestyle. Your gym clothes are your gym clothes, your casual outfits or your casual outfits. You should not be wearing something because you lack the good sense to have purchased what was needed for the event. To my embarrassment there were times when I was not prepared for an opportunity. And it left me feeling silly. Buy what you need. From bras to panties. To socks to stockings. Listen to the old lady voice in your head that tells you that you need something just in case. This will save you time in the future. Your closet should be like a well stocked kitchen.

And Pro tip: . No one likes to see a bare closet. don’t subtract from your wardrobe until you add it to it. Otherwise you’re gonna end up feeling bad. And when you do subtract from your wardrobe Be sure to donate or sell these items.

Elevate! Elevate! Elevate!

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