Women's History Month:

Women's History Month is held in March; it is a time dedicated to celebrating women who have shaped history. A month focused on women because society has often overlooked the contributions from us. And there has been so many. From Sojourner Truth to Marie Curie; our women have impacted nations while mostly being ignored by their society.

As a Black woman I have felt this. We often learned about the great accomplishments of old white men and if we were lucky there would be a very small section in a book dedicated to a woman. Her contributions were often minimized to a few sentences. Some years I would luck up; I would get a teacher that happened to be a woman and she would make sure to provide the oh so needed details of women in history. From Maya Angelou to Rosa Parks

But that is not enough then and it is not enough now. While I am no longer in primary school I doubt much has changed. There is an absence of women in our history books because there is absence of women in position of power that can tell our stories. And while you and I may know a little something something about women in history, I am betting this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Luckily there are women that are trying to change this. Just like the women before them they are moving the ball forward in order to provide a better, livable and equal life for everyone. Media is slowly catching on and thanks to social media we now see more women doing their thing in real time.

Our time is now, women and girls are moving mountains to make history. Think Ayanna Pressley, the first black woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts or Amariyanna Copeny a youth activist who is raising awareness for the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

I think alot of how I can change the world. Knowing first it starts with myself. To know your future you must know your past. In this marathon called life I am just passing the baton. My race started way before I was born and doesn't stop with just me. So I am thankful for the women who came before and hope to plant seeds for the women after.

Women's rights are human rights.

Women's history is everybody's history.

"No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens. " - Michelle Obama

Brownie points to anyone who knows who is the women in the photo. Hint ; She was a entertainer;French Resistance agent, and civil rights activist!