You have time: 7 tips for reading more books

I know! I know! We all want to read more if only we had the time!

Great news! It’s not more time that you need but a plan!

If you want to read more books here’s how-to!

Tip 1: Start picking shorter books

Shorter books are easier to consume so if you’re short on time try reading books with fewer pages.

Tip 2: Pick books you actually enjoy

The books I read as a child no longer hold the same spark. When I tried to pick up a romance book I promptly put said book back down. As I have matured so has my taste. A quick self-assessment will help you make better choices. Bonus: not sure what is out there? Ask your friends to recommend a book or go online. Bonus bonus lol: find new authors. if you are like me you can run up the tab when it comes to a favorite author or writer. Try finding an author that is similar to them; it's like having your favorite candy at a new store.

Tip 3: Join a bookclub

Bookclubs are great. When I joined one, the book club did three things for me: It allowed for a great discussion, it helped me network, and I became more accountable.

Tip 4: Buy fewer books

Books are great to have but can be expensive. Lol. There has been plenty of ways to enjoy reading without having to break the bank. When was the last time you visited the library?? Most libraries are up to date with the newest books and have special online services that allow you to check out books online via an app.

Tip 5: Kindles, Nooks, and More

Reading has never been easier than now! You can download a book from your phone using kindle or a free pdf online. Your local library will allow you to borrow ebooks as well ( see tip 4)!

Step 6: Cheat !

Reading books is great but if you are really short on time you should give audiobooks a try! You can purchase audiobooks the same way you buy regular and listen whenever you have time. Also, read more articles. I make the effort to read three articles a day. Read about things that interest you; world news, fashion or food, money, and stocks.

Step 7: Read before work or before bed

Reading before work is just one way to get it over with. I recommend picking something either very interesting or motivational to kick-off your morning end your night

Bonus Tip! Make sure to visualize yourself reading a book! This is so important because as adults we lose interest in reading books because everyone is working!! Lol. As it is one of the four basic skills in communication it is important that you visualize yourself reading and then do it!

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